Classical Tales has a primary schools program which enables our artists to come to you!

In addition to performing regularly on the international stage, our musicians and actors are experienced in working with and presenting to children in an interactive style that makes both the story and the music accessible.

FAQs for Schools

What is our target age group?

Although we put on performances for babies, our shows are tailored to appeal to primary-school-aged children (5-11 years)

2. How long are our performances?

All of our performances last from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

3. How many performers are involved?

Our shows are designed for two performers: an actor and a pianist.

4. What is the set-up time?

Roughly 30 minutes.

5. What are the on-the-day requirements?

A piano, a lectern or music stand for the actor, and a percussion instrument (eg a tambourine or rattle) for each child.

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